NEW PRODUCTS - Windfoil Wings

Phantom International releases 2 new Windfoil Wings and 2 new Windfoil Sets.

Products available by the end fo Septembre.

  • The ULTIMATE Set & The PWA EVO Set

The Front Wings 350 and 550 come along with the 950 and 800 Front Wings in the new IRIS R Windfoil ULTIMATE Set to extend your range of navigation. Moreover, we have added the new 200cm2 elevator to give you a really full option set. The ULTIMATE Set perfectly suits with every kind of performance to give you the best of sensation.

Dare exploring yourself with The IRIS R Windfoil ULTIMATE Set.

The PWA EVO Set we have released including the Front Wing 550.

More than the Original PWA Set, the PWA EVO Set includes the Wing 550 to give you the choice of your performance. More Slalom oriented, this new pack is will make you an expert about technical settings.

The PWA EVO Set was made to make you move forward.



The 350 Front Wing is, we believe, the necessary weapon to face the 40Knots Challenge and reach top speeds. Surpass yourself and challenge speed records with our secret weapon.

On another hand, the 550 Front Wing is entirely dedicated to slalom. This is the one ideally balanced for taking curves extremely smoothly and fast. With the 550 Front Wing, stay one step ahead.

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