Two victories within a week for the brothers Thomas and Nicolas Goyard

The two brothers competing with Iris R windfoil are both on the podium for the Waves festival and the French race: Raid-De-La-Tranche-Sur-Mer. They confirm being really happy with the quality and great speed of their gear from Phantom International.


Thomas Goyard, followed by his brother Nicolas took the first and second places at the Waves festival in Texel, Netherlands, last week, for both the long distance around the island and the overall ranking after 12 races. Furthermore, Dorian Van Rijsselberghe, racing with the Iris R windfoil finished fourth this time. Thomas, also competing with the Iris R windfoil and Phantom sails SF, while Nicolas is racing with the Iris R windfoil only, grabbed a second victory yesterday at the French event: Raid-de-la-Tranche-Sur-Mer. The two brothers continue to occupy the podium despite poor conditions, with their Phantom equipments.