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Windsurfing : great season start for the Phantom team riders

Windsurfing : new Phantom rider : Lilou Granier

Windsurfing : new Phantom IRIS sail - SF

Sailing & Windsurfing : 2019 Summer Test Tour

Sailing : Tailor-made service is our trademark

Sailing : WANTED Stollen FP catamaran trailer

Great season start for the Phantom team riders

The 2019 french windsurfing season started last week-end with the AFF French Championships, in Marignane (near Marseille). Phantom Team riders excelled on the race course, offering fantastic results for our first participation in this championships.

All Phantom riders climbed on the podium :

  • Nicolas Goyard : 1st Overall in Windfoiling category

  • Tuesday-Lou Judd : 1st in Slalom category under 21

  • Alexandre Cousin : 2nd Overall Windfoiling & 3rd Overall Slalom

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« I am very happy with this result. It’s a fantastic feeling. What a great way to start the season ! » said Tuesday-Lou. « It was the first time I used a Phantom sail on a competition and I won in my category ! This IRIS S sail is the perfect fit for me. It is so light and so fast. I look forward to race with it again ».

Tuesday-Lou will now head to Japan for the PWA Tour event in May. « I will just give my best and enjoy. I haven’t really set any objective, but the results with this new sail are very promising ».

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Nicolas Goyard won the event with a the Phantom IRIS R Foil. He is part of the favorites for the PWA title this year with Alex Cousin, so winning the French Championships is encouraging. « I was so impressed by the quality of the Phantom Windfoil. We have moved a step ahead and it’s a great news for the rest of the season. Having a good speed means you can sail fast but also have more time to think of the race itself and sail smart ».

Second place, just behind Nicolas in Windfoiling overall rankings, Alex Cousin is also happy to have won a race in Slalom : « it’s the first time I actually win a race in Slalom on the AFF French Championships. The wind conditions were not easy. Chopy waters, lots of squalls. The wind was not very consistant, but the sails were great. They are so light and easier to handle. It’s a real pleasure ».

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New Phantom rider : Lilou Granier

We are very proud to welcome a new female rider in our team ! Eighteen year old Lilou Granier joins Phantom to compete with IRIS Sails. Lilou comes from New Caledonia and won the World Championship in 2017. She’s one of the biggest windsurfing talent of her generation.

« I have used Phantom sails (5.6 and 7.8) for only two days and I can tell you it is very easy to get used to these sails. They are light, stable and easy to gybe with »

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Product : new Phantom IRIS sail – SF

The Iris SF is a no compromise racing performance foiling sail with 8 battens, 4 cams and large mast sleeve width. It is built with our new hybrid construction made of monofilm and PXB 1,5mil Laminate which is more affordable compared to membrane.

Featuring high aspect ratio designs helping to reduce the boom length for a better control and tremendous performances.

Because performance sails should not be for an Elite only.

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2019 Summer Test Tour

Phantom is back on the road this summer for the 2019 Test Tour. Don’t miss the opportunity to come and test our products ! For more information : contact@phantom-international.com

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Tailor-made service is our trademark

At Phantom, we want to make sure our customers recieve personnalised advice when they are in the process of ordering a Flying Phantom catamaran.

We propose tailor-made solutions to fit your needs and wishes, whether they are custom graphics options, all-inclusive packages, delivery choices, assembling and sailing assistance... When you contact us, you won't find some automatic reply or machine voice answering, but a human caring service.

If you have any question, please call our offices : +33 2 99 56 06 53

Or send us an email : contact@phantom-international.com

We are now taking orders for delivery in June ! This is your last chance to receive your boat before Summer.

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WANTED - Stollen FP catamaran trailer

One of our customers has had his Flying Phantom road trailer stollen at the ENV in Quiberon early April. It was last seen on the road between Vannes and Nantes trailed by a black Mercedes van of this type (see pictures below)

If you see it, please contact Pierre Le Clainche : pleclainche@gmail.com

This is the second time in 6 months some Flying Phantom gear disappear in the same area (South Brittany – Morbihan). Keep your eyes open!

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