Iris RF : a performance foiling sail for slalom and speed !

This sail is the ultimate racing sail designed for foiling . It includes 7 battens, 4 cams and large mast sleeve width, and features high aspect ratio designs helping to reduce the boom length for a better control and tremendous performances.

If you want to fly ahead and break speed records, this is definitely a sail for you!

The RF was originally made in membranes and dedicated to the Racing “up wind downwind" foil programs.

As the foil racing is evolving in the PWA to a slalom format, and as the riders are pushing more and more the boundaries of speed records, we went back to an intense R&D prgramm to create the right weapon.

3 new sizes: 6.0/ 7.0 & 8.0 for a sail with a new shape with 1 batten less than the original RF, more twist and in monofilm construction.

Big sizes RF won’t be produced anymore as only the SF will cover the larger sizes (8.0/ 9.0/ 10.0)

The first sails will be delivered in Januray 2020. Order now and be the first to enjoy this fantastic new sail!

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