New Iris Z : a freeride sail to make foiling easier than ever

Phantom is adding to its collection the Iris Z, a freeride sail designed for foiling.

This new Phantom product features high aspect ratio designs helping to reduce the boom length for a better control and forgiveness, which results in an extremely versatile, easy to rig and to handle sail.

It includes 5 battens, 2 cams and a reduced mast sleeve width. It is built with our new hybrid construction made of monofilm and PXB 1,5 mil laminate.

Enter gently into the foiling world to progress and to thrill your senses with amazing freeride performances !

The first sails will be delivered in Januray 2020. Order now and be the first to enjoy this fantastic new sail!

Click HERE to read more about the IRIS Z

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Capture d’écran 2019-10-22 à 16.27.57.png
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