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DeckSweeper F18 Sail in action

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As announced in the May newsletter, Phantom is currently working on creating its own range of windfoils! We are very excited to introduce design tools and technologies coming from high-performance racing yachts like the AC into windsurfing.

This line of windfoil will feature two models: one high-end ultimate race windfoil and one free-ride.

Both have been designed with D3 Applied Technology and in collaboration with one of the world’s best windfoiler, Benjamin Tillier.

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Phantom CUP

Earlier this year we announced the Phantom International Championships that will take place in Brest in September 2018 (8th-13th). We are now working on developing the Phantom Events in Europe to create the first official PHANTOM CUP, with potential dates in Corsica (France), Quiberon (France), Lake Garda (Italy) and St Barthelemy island (Caribbeans).

These events will be open to ALL Phantom owners and it will be a fantastic opportunity to compete and share experience with other FP Essentiel amateur sailors, and meet some high-performance competitors on FP Elite and Ultimate.

More infos in the next few weeks with venues, dates and entry forms. Stay tuned!
To enter the International championships in Brest, click here

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Customers Feedback

Some of our FP Essentiel customers have had their boat for nearly a year and they are sharing their passion with enthusiasm.
In the last few days, we have received pictures and videos from Italy, UK, the USA and Brest.

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DeckSweeper F18 Sails

More images from our DeckSweeper sails, here in action on an F18.
Arthur Boc-Ho and his girlfriend Laetitia finished 2nd of the Eurocat with Phantom DS F18 mainsail, and they are now getting ready for the F18 European Championships.

You can order yours on the Phantom e-store.