One sail line

IRIS program is a new concept based on one single range with 11 sizes from 4.1 to 10.0 and 7 programs.

Every size is designed with a specific program, 4,1 to 5.6 are Wave sails, 6.1 & 6.6 Freeride, 7.0 & 7.8 Freerace, 7.0 to 8.6 are Racing weapons. This year, we are introducing 3 new programs: the Iris X, a full free race windfoil, the RF as the ultimate windfoil racing machine, the S is our club sport slalom sails for week end racers.

It’s all about passion and technology

Our foiling boats experience has been a great asset for the design of our new windsurfing sails line.

We are introducing a new approach to design, with the objective of optimizing the sail shape and construction to create innovative and unique products with powerful design tools (3D design softwares, Fluid Structure Interaction, Computational Fluid Dynamics) used previously and exclusively for the design of racing yachts such as the America’s Cup. This resulted in high performance, lighter and stronger sails.

A unique construction

All our sails are built with high end membranes with oriented yarns according to the stress in the sails. The fabric has a very high density of Twaron fibers with very thin film (1,5 mil/ 36 microns) which makes the sails approximately 20% lighter and much more durable compared to monofilm and X-ply sails. This technology is namely used on most offshore racing yachts.

The Best Value for Money on the Market

At Phantom, we believe the value should be in the product itself, not spread out through a distribution network with several middlemen. That is the reason why our products are exclusively on sale on our E-store, and exclusive partners thus enabling us to make better products to a very competitive retail price.  

A high end service directly with the brand

Having a direct relationship between the end user and our brand allows to provide a more efficient and high quality service.

Our team of experts is at your disposal to respond to your requests.

2019 windsurfing sail line V4-01.png


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Add IRIS R V6 website-01.jpg


IRIS sails will perform to its highest potential when used with constant curve mast (bend curve 12-16)*.

The higher carbon percentages you will have, the faster reflex response you will get and the lighter it will be.

Here are the bending curve of each sizes:

RDM 370/ IMCS 17/ Flex base 64%/ Flex top 78 %/ Bend curve 14*

RDM 400/ IMCS 19/ Flex base 64%/ Flex top 78 %/ Bend curve 14*

SDM 430/ IMCS 21/ Flex base 64%/ Flex top 78 %/ Bend curve 14*

SDM 460/ IMCS 25/ Flex base 64%/ Flex top 78 %/ Bend curve 14*

SDM 490/ IMCS 29/ Flex base 64%/ Flex top 78 %/ Bend curve 14*

SDM 520/ IMCS 32/ Flex base 64%/ Flex top 78% / Bend curve 14*

SDM 550/ IMCS 35/ Flex base 64%/ Flex top 78% / Bend curve 14*

* Bend Curve value = Flex top % - Flex base % (78-64=14)