Be daring

The Flying Phantom ULTIMATE offers the 18’ catamaran that only Phantom could create: high performance and precise agile handling, with ultimate refinement. 

The FP ULTIMATE is the result of Phantom International unrivaled experience in foiling beach catamarans combined with the benefits from the last AC50 developments in Bermuda during the America’s Cup.

It was designed to be furthermore efficient on every point of sail, with upwind VMG up to 15% higher than foiling cat benchmark. The brief was clear: 100% foiling upwind with enhanced performance and stability and better foiling gybes. It is something that has never been achieved before on this type of boats.

Experience what performance feels like and to become an exclusive member of the Ultimate owners club (limited production).




Design team   Phantom Int & Gonzalo Redondo D3

Consultants   Benjamin Muyl, Franck Cammas

Length   5,5m/ 18’

Width   3m

Weight   155kg

Mast   9,6m/Tapered/Pre preg carbon with high modulus cured in autoclave

Beams   Carbon

Daggerboards   Pre preg high modulus carbon cured in autoclave/ 1,45m draught (max)

Rudders   Pre preg high modulus carbon cured in autoclave/ 1,15m draught

Rudder elevators   Pre preg carbon cured in autoclave/ 443 cm2

Hulls   Pre preg carbon, nomex honey comb sandwich cured at high temperature

Mainsail   Decksweeper/ Dyneema membrane/ 18,5 m2 with mast

Jib   Low aspect ratio/ Dyneema membrane/ 4,5 m2

Gennaker   Mast head/ Polyester/ 24 m2


Flying Phantom ULTIMATE, ready to sail                                                49940 €*

Includes White hulls with EVA pro grip, DECKSWEEPER main, and polyester Code 0 (white, red, blue or black)            



Colored hulls (red, blue, yellow, black, grey)                                                1401 €*

Team edition 2018 design                                                                             4500 €*

Beach trolley                                                                                                  979 €*

EVA stern chocks (set of 2)                                                                            616 €*

Bags (rudders, elevators, daggerboards, spreaders)                                           517 €*

Set of boat covers (platform, spinnaker chute, foil tips)                               1287 €*

*Valid from November 1st 2018, prices in euros, ex-tax, ex factory Dinard/ France