The racing weapon

The Flying Phantom ELITE materialised our wish to design a unique high end racing boat without compromise. It uses the finest technologies derived from the aeronautic industry like carbon prepreg, Nomex honey comb sandwich, high modulus carbon foils cured autoclave.

The FP ELITE is foiling with the windward daggerboard up like the latest America’s Cup boats. This foils configuration is designed for high performance, offering minimum drag in order to reach the highest speed. The design is based on PHANTOM’s and Martin Fischer’s design work built up over the years, and the expertise of Franck Cammas and Groupama Sailing Team.

The FP ELITE is the first foiling catamaran designed by Phantom International, previously known as Flying Phantom. 

The high performance 18’ catamaran for experienced sailors.




Design team   Phantom Int & Martin Fischer, Groupama Sailing Team

Development team   Phantom International

Length   5,52m

Width   3m

Weight   165 Kgs

Mast   9,6m/ Tapered/ Pre preg carbon with high modulus cured in autoclave

Hulls construction  Pre-preg carbon, nome honey comb sandwich cured at high temperature

Appendages   Pre preg Hi modulus carbon cured in autoclave

Main sail  VXM Twaron membrane / 18sqm

Jib  VXM Twaron membrane / 5,5sqm

Code 0   R Polyester / 24sqm


Flying Phantom ELITE, ready to sail                                                      40100 €*

Includes White hulls with EVA pro grip, transparent film black Twaron laminate main and jib, and polyester Code 0 (white, red, blue or black) 


Colored hulls (red, blue, yellow, black, grey)                                               1320 €*

Custom graphics for pro teams                                                                   5520€*

Team edition 2015 design                                                                           2700 €*

Black or white film option for main and jib                                                  425 €*

Beach trolley                                                                                                890 €*

EVA stern chocks (set of 2)                                                                          560 €*

Bags (rudders, elevators, daggerboards, spreaders).                                   370 €*

Set of boat covers (platform, spinnaker chute, foil tips)                             1170 €*

*Valid from November 1st 2017, prices in euros, ex-tax, ex factory Dinard / France