Phantom European Test Tour
to Apr 4

Phantom European Test Tour

This year the Phantom Test Tour 2018 begins with an important date from March 30th to April 4th at the Almanarre in collaboration with Funboard Center.
It's time to test the Phantom IRIS sails and boards and the Flying Phantom ESSENTIAL.
The spot : How not to think of the Almanarre when looking for a spot to practice catamaran or windsurfing! The particularity of this spot is the isthmus that connects the coast to the peninsula of Gilens. This strip of land receives direct easterly wind on one side and westerly wind on the other side. This spot has been the place of several World Cup Windsurf, Catamaran, Kitesurf ... See you at our Funboard Center partner, Route de l'Almanarre, 83400 Hyères.

Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Southern France… Phantom is on the road from March to October this year to introduce the FP Essentiel and the Iris range of boards and sails. Our team will welcome you and take you for a test sail. Check out the dates and contact us to book your test session now :

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