Welcome to the world of Phantom, where the finest sailing and windsurfing design merges with our passion for innovation, art and style.

Whether you are sailing a Flying Phantom or windsurfing with an IRIS sail, you will enjoy a unique experience with products that are designed and built with performance in mind. 

Our state-of-the-art designs and engineering processes are part of Phantom’s DNA and reflect our core values: excellence, integrity, responsibility.



Founder Alex Udin started making sails at the age of 16. Passionate about sailing and windsurfing, he started working in R&D lofts in Maui back in 2001 and founded his sailmaking company in 2003, designing high performance sails for famous boatyards and professional sailors like Franck Cammas and François Gabart.

Phantom has built a solid experience with new design technologies such as Computational Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Structure Interaction Analysis, working closely with some of the best experts in the yachting industry.

Phantom International is the pioneer of foiling beach catamarans. We have been designing, testing and producing foiling cats for the last six years, and our ambition is to remain at the pinnacle of racing catamarans design while making foiling more accessible.

And now there's more on our list of goals. Extending our range to windsurfing products was a natural path as both worlds are connected by the sea, the wind, speed and freedom.



2009   Launch of the F18 pro team with Olivier Backes & Arnaud Jarlegan sailing

on a Capricorn powered by SAIL INNOVATION sails

2010   Olivier & Arnaud are crowned F18 world champion on a Wild Cat powered by SAIL INNOVATION Sails

2011   Launch of the Phantom project. We decided to develop a brand new 18’ in close collaboration with

the sailing team in order to design a fully foiling cat. An F18 version is developed in parallel to test the hulls in different configuration.

2012   First trials of generation 1 of ‘S’ shape daggerboards and ‘L’ shape rudders.

2013   Olivier Backes & Matthieu Vandame are crowned F18 world champion on the F18 Phantom

Start of the collaboration with Groupama Sailing Team and Franck Cammas. First flight with ‘L’ shape daggerboards.

Launch of the pre-production Flying Phantom with ‘L’ shape daggerboards and ‘T’ shape rudders.

2014   The first production One Design foiling boats hit the water

2015   The Flying Phantom Series is launched

2016   100 Flying Phantom have been sold around the world

Record entries in the FP Series, with 23 boats.

2017   Foiling is everywhere and everyone wants to go foiling.

Phantom International launches a more accessible, freeride version of one-design 18’ foiling catamaran:

The Flying Phantom ESSENTIEL.

The original racing Flying Phantom is renamed Flying Phantom ELITE

The Flying Phantom Series are now part of the world renowned Extreme Sailing Series.

December   Phantom makes a series of announcements including the launch of a new windsurfing sails line, a new catamaran Decksweeper sails line and a new foiling catamaran, the FP Ultimate.



Alex Udin, founder and General Manager

Emmanuel Messiaen, Sales & Marketing manager

Flavie Caulier, Sales &Communication

Hugo Roche, Project Management & Engineering

Arthur Boc-Ho, Skipper and Technical expert

Elie Lefeuvbre, Technical Engineering

Arnaud Ratouli, Warehouse/ Technical maintenance