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The Flying PHANTOM is a new generation of foiling catamarans. The concept is based on design work Martin Fischer has done over the past years on foils and the expertise of Franck Cammas and Groupama Sailing Team. After an extensive of different foils and rudders configurations, we came up with a combination of “L” shaped foils and “T” shaped rudders, providing pitch and heave stability in full flight but also being competitive in light winds. The carbon / epoxy hulls in combination with a carbon mast built in an autoclave result in significant weight reduction, the increased total beam improves the stability while foiling and a longer mast provides additional power. Foiling cats are the future of our sport and offer new sensations and previously unknown performance levels.

Flying Phantom Final Specifications


Design team: Martin Fischer
Development team: Alex Udin, Franck Cammas and Groupama sailing team
Lenght: 5.52m / 18″
Width: 3.00m
Weight: 155kg
Mast: 9.6m / Tapered / Pre preg Carbon cured in autoclaved
Appendages: T-foil rudders +L-shape foiling dagger boards – Pre preg Carbon cured in autoclave
Hulls: Pre preg Carbon, Nomex sandwich
Main sail: SAIL INNOVATION VXM Black Technora membrane / 18sqm with mast
Jib: SAIL INNOVATION VXM Black Technora membrane / 5.5sqm Gennaker:
SAIL INNOVATION R Polyester / 24sqm

32500.00€ ex tax – ex factory