Welcome to the world of PHANTOM INTERNATIONAL, home of the Flying Phantom.

Since 2003, SAIL INNOVATION is focused on top of the range products creating high performance sails and cats utilizing the latest technologies and designs with the highest quality standard.
Our challenge is to push forward the design of our products to a new level, providing the finest gear to our customers.
2012 has shown once again the high performance of our boats and sails, winning with the PHANTOM F18 both the F18 European in Las Palmas and the World Title in Los Angeles. 2013 has also been a great year with a 2nd and a 4th place at the F18 World in Grosseto.
After three years of research and development, our team released early 2012 the prototype of the FLYING PHANTOM that aimed to be the world’s first series foiler catamaran. With a combination of L-shaped foils and T-shaped rudders this high-performance and high-end catamaran is able to foil above the water from 7 knots of wind and reach more than 30 knots of speed in 15-20 knots of wind !
The first production unit was presented during the Paris Boat Show 2013 by PHANTOM INTERNATIONAL that will produce and sale the FLYING PHANTOM and distribute SAIL INNOVATION Sails product line.

“Foiling cats are the future of our Sport”